When it comes to convenience, choice, and discretion, it’s hard to beat a disposable vape pen as a way to enjoy cannabis. Whether you’re inside or out, in your car, or waiting in line somewhere, vaping is quick and easy.

It’s no wonder that pens are so popular.

If you’ve never bought a disposable vape pen, you likely know someone who has. Seasoned vapers know how to make a more informed purchase.

Disposable Vape Pen Cost

The disposable version of a vape pen is significantly cheaper than the kind of vape pen that you can refill and recharge. Manufacturers offer these options as a way to try vaping for less, presuming that, eventually, you’ll want to upgrade.

In general, they cost around $30, depending on the brand, strain, and ratio. When comparing, ask how many doses it provides and do the math.

Just Inhale

Breathe in. It’s really that easy. Unlike rechargeable vape pens, which often have a button on the side to press to inhale, disposable vape pens usually just require an inhale.

Pro tip: Don’t expect that vapor will feel like smoke inside your lungs. A rookie (or intentional) mistake is to forcefully inhale, waiting for a burning sensation that comes from lungs filled with smoke. You want a smooth, flavorful sensation, not a coughing fit.

 cannabis vape pen

Wax or Oil?

If you smoke a flower bud or leaves of cannabis, you can easily imagine where it came from. Someone grew it, harvested it, and dried it. If the plant itself isn’t inside a vape pen, what is?

Inside the vape pen is oil that is derived from extractions from the plant. Laboratories may use pressure, soaking for a long time, or even chemicals to separate the THC, CBD, and other compounds from the plant matter.

Disposable pens are filled with a specific amount of cannabis oil, and they are different products from wax pens. Wax pens are filled with a semi-solid product sometimes called shatter, budder, or live resin. It is much more potent than oil.

Vaping Health Debate

These products, which look similar to e-cigarettes, are a subject of debate when it comes to health. It seems everyone has an opinion on what method of delivery is the healthiest. Most doctors agree that vaping cannabis is better for your health than vaping nicotine.

If you have a compromised lung capacity or don’t want to develop a “smoker’s cough,” a vape pen is an excellent alternative to simply lighting up. There are so many different ways to enjoy cannabis, so more study (and sampling) of vaping compared to edibles, tinctures, or other cannabis products is needed.

You should also check the ratio of the vape pen to determine how it may affect you. Some pens have primarily THC oil, and others have a higher amount of CBD oil.

Easy Enjoyment

Because you don’t have to worry about maintenance or refilling, disposable vape pens are about as easy as it gets. However, you will need to find a disposable pen recycling program or run the risk of adding it to the landfill. If you care about the environment, an investment in a rechargeable vape is worth it.