When most people hear the word “cannabis,” their minds immediately go to smoking a joint. Smoking is still a popular option for many users, but today’s market is filled with a variety of other incredible options as well. One such option that gaining traction is cannabis oil. If you’re looking to give it a try, here are some of the cannabis oil benefits you can expect.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil refers to the different types of extractions from cannabis plants. There are few processes used to pull out the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds from the plant material. Some of the most common extraction methods include the use of solvents, such as butane or propane, and supercritical CO2. You can also make extracts at home using oils such as olive, coconut, or butter.

cannabis oil

Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Multiple Forms

One of the best things about cannabis oils is that there are many different forms. You can use oils for:

  • Vaping
  • Dabbing
  • Filling capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Edibles

More Discreet Usage

Many forms of cannabis oil offer a much more discreet alternative to smoking. When you smoke a joint, the scent seeps into your clothes, hair, and personal belongings. Getting that smell out can be difficult.

With options such as topicals, edibles, and tinctures, there is no distinct cannabis smell. Even vaping has a much less noticeable smell.

No Harsh Effects on the Lungs

Smoking cannabis has some significant negative effects on your lungs. When you smoke, you combust the flower, which creates toxins and burnt plant matter, which you then inhale.

Oils, on the other hand, don’t get combusted. Even if you’re vaping the oil, the vapor is much smoother. As such, it’s easier on the lungs. In forms like tinctures and topicals, you don’t breathe anything in at all.

Alleviate Pain

Cannabis oils are an excellent option for alleviating pain. Tinctures provide whole-body pain relief and get to work quickly. Topical applications allow for more targeted (and quick) pain relief.

Oils can also be effective for alleviating pain associated with cancer treatment, such as peripheral neuropathy. They provide a way to get relief while also protecting your lungs. If you find that you can’t eat, oils in the form of tinctures can be especially beneficial.

Reduce Anxiety

While THC-dominant cannabis oils may exacerbate anxiety for some, oils higher in CBD can help to reduce the symptoms. Oils, particularly in vape oil and tincture forms, are also less difficult to dose, and they make microdosing significantly easier.

Treat Skin Conditions

Cannabis can help to treat a wide range of skin conditions when applied topically. It can help to alleviate inflammation, redness, pain, and other symptoms for conditions such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. The great thing about applying cannabis topically is that you don’t have to smoke or consume anything. Additionally, the cannabinoids only absorb into your skin. Even high-THC oils applied to the body won’t cause any psychoactive effects.

There are many different types of cannabis oils available, and they all provide some significant benefits. If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking, or want to give something new a try, they’re worth considering during your next trip to the dispensary.